Reflections on Rejection continued

Getting Closer, Closer
Bantam Doubleday rejection by Francoise Bui
So I'm getting some kudos here and I've introduced Freddy and Emily as the contemporary part of the story. It's told more from Emily's POV and is in 3rd person. My favorite line from the editor is one I always tell myself when revising. "You need to increase the stakes and maximize the potential that exists." At this point I had Freddy waking up in the cemetery after sleeping there all night. I consider what would increase the stakes for Freddy? How about waking up in the cemetery in the dark? Eureka moment. It may seem obvious to anyone else but when you are in the middle of a story you cannot see the possibilities until you pull back and get some perspective. Thanks for that nugget Francoise, wherever you are!
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Rejection letter 2