Reflections on Rejection

What I Learned by Being Rejected--Repeatedly

A letter from an editor at Harcourt Brace

Ahh. For the old days when real live editors sent out personalized rejection letters on quality manila paper. It's all e-mail now with automated rejections. Editors are too busy, understaffed, etc. I'm posting some of my early rejection letters to show how I progressed as a writer so other aspiring writers can see that rejections while initially painful as a bee sting on your armpit, you can look at them as tools to guide you on your way. In this letter, I did get some clues and encouragement. Tump was considered memorable so I knew I had fleshed out his character fairly well. My take away from that is that the story had some merit. In this draft, Tump was the main character and the whole story was set during the 1920's. I luckily moved onto a more exciting title!


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The Early Years