My Book in Beirut

September 22, 2016

I Skyped with a sixth grade class from Beirut recently and was amazed at how well-informed they were about me and by the thought provoking questions they asked me. They especially wanted to know what led me to be a writer. Looking back on my life I can see that I gravitated toward it because I was always doodling, writing in my diary, daydreaming and reading.

I read a chapter from The Cemetery Sleeper, to the class but because they are ESL students I was editing it as I went along which didn't make for the smoothest reading. I tried to take out the slang from the characters and asked the students if they knew what a cemetery was. Even if they didn't they got much from my reading they will have the chance to read it again because they have ordered a copy of my book for their classroom. They will be sending me their reviews when they are done. I have a list of questions for them, such as do they believe in ghosts, what are their superstitions and sayings. I'm looking forward to a continuing conversation.



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Susan Griner is an author of children's fiction. She has written short stories and poetry for both Cricket and Babybug magazine. She is currently working on a YA novel set along the Silk Road. She lives in Washington state, but her southern roots have influenced her writing.

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