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Fumiko and a Tokyo Tragedy is the latest title in the Girls Survive Series by Capstone Publishing

Fumiko and a Tokyo Tragedy

Dolls play a large part in Fumiko's life. She has a doll collection with a variety of dolls, but after disaster strikes, she ends up with her favorite roly-poly doll to help her through frightening moments that happen to her.

Kokeshi dolls were part of her collection. They are small wooden dolls with rounded bodies. They're good luck dolls and are thought to protect owners from fire. 

kokeshi dolls.jpg

The Daruma doll is a good luck doll that usually has unpainted eyes. I followed the tradition of coming up with a goal or a wish and painted one of the eyes black. My goal was to write the book, Fumiko and a Tokyo Tragedy. When I finished the book, I painted the other eye. The doll brought me luck because I saw my project to the end and the book was published. Some people burn the Daruma doll afterwards. They buy a new one and start a new goal. I'm keeping my little guy. 

daruma doll.jpg
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